Wrinkle And Whitening Eye Cream

  • Wrinkle And Whitening Eye Cream

Wrinkle And Whitening Eye Cream

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Pamper your eyes with Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream. It has a special age-combating formula that just creates magic on the eyes and leaves it revitalized.   

This Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is enriched with extremely pure ingredients that profoundly soothe and condition the subtle eye zones. 

Mistletoe extract acts as a good toning agent that actively helps to heal damaged skin and to regenerate fresh cells. The soothing antiseptic properties of this extract provide a calming effect to the eyes and also heal breakouts without irritating the skin. It protects the eyes against the harmful free radicals and keeps the delicate eye skin soft. 

Damask Rose Flower Extract supports the natural skin barrier function and also promotes the metabolic cell activities. It helps to clear the clogged pores, purify the skin and also tighten the pores. It prevents the trans-epidermal water loss and restores the suppleness of the delicate skin.

This amazing eye cream has a super-light texture that easily blends with the skin and effectively brightens the eye area. It deeply moisturizes the under-eye area and leaves the parched skin looking plumped, radiant.  It effectively lightens the dark spots, black circles and also actively smoothes crow’s feet. Regular application of this fabulous product ensures youthful, smoother and vibrant eyes. 


Mistletoe extract, Damask Rose Flower Extract, Rock Flower Root Extract, Berry Berry leaf extract, Ground Cherry Fruit Extract.

For best results:

Dab a little quantity of the cream around the eye area, smile line and forehead using fingertips. 

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