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The Terms of Use (Terms & Conditions) enclosed herein state the entire set of rules and regulations of the website (www.makeupmetoo.com) that are there for a user (visitor, subscriber, buyer). One needs to follow these Terms in order to continue visiting and making purchases. If they disagree, they should stop using this website in any manner. Please read the following statements carefully to clarify all kinds of norms.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to modifications or change in due course of time whenever necessary or applicable. One must ensure that they make regular visits to check all the regulations.

This website is supposed to be visited and used by those only who are 18 years of age or above. Anybody who is below this limit ought to refrain from using this site OR take supervision from their parents or guardians. If you do not follow as said then you may face consequences whose accountability cannot be taken by us.

We put high efforts on keeping the site as precise and complete as possible. This involves everything like products' images, description, pricing, or other kinds of texts. However, we do NOT warrant that there will never be any blunders at all. Although we are open to suggestions and changes and won't hesitate in rectifying whatever issues seem to emerge.

We get regular feedbacks from those who use our products. Those reviews are usually based on the practical experience of a consumer and may rarely contain bogus contents. There are also some third-party websites that may consist of a few comments related to the products displayed here. We have no control over any random testimonials that are posted elsewhere other than our own website. We are authorized to make edits at any point of time in our site on posted comments if need be to maintain the standard quality.

We send regular as well as occasional emails to our users to convey crucial information. This includes order confirmation email, payment e-receipts, transmission details like tracking ID, delivery acknowledgment, newsletters, special offers like combo or discounts, and so on. Those who are not interested in getting such mails have the option to hit the Unsubscribe button contained at the bottom of each email message.

We always ensure utmost privacy for everyone who have visited, created account, and made purchases. This is done by not sharing their valuable information to any third parties. Additionally, we also encrypt the sensitive data such as the Credit card details. This ensures complete security from our side with no breaching at all.

We do NOT permit anybody to circulate, copy, or share our intellectual properties (included, not limited) such as trademark, trade name, service marks, logo, texts, graphical data, and so on. If we find out that someone has tried the same may face related consequences.

Makeupmetoo.com has the right to terminate one's account without notification if they are found guilty of security breaches. Once done, the process cannot be reversed and the person cannot open or use our site any further from then onwards. This also involves the possible purchases that would be canceled as well.

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