Privacy Policy

This document presents the Privacy policy of the website and explains how it gathers and handles your personal information in connection with your relationship with it as a customer as well as a visitor. Please read the policy correctly to stay acknowledged as it is subject to change or update now and then. It is obligatory to accept all the policies to continue here on

In this draft of policies, we may use terms like we, us, site, website, etc. for the same and you, user, them, visitor, customer, etc. for those who use the website.

The information is gathered, directly and indirectly, the data that are received while account creation and purchases are primarily the basic details. It includes the customer's Name, Postal Address, Contact Number, and Email Address. We directly collect your credit card details also and it happens only after the purchase confirmation.

Makeupmetoo takes one data indirectly, that is the IP address of the device used by the visitor while checking the site. We collect your IP address using COOKIES. Cookies enable us to give you the best and easier online experience. It does not take any personal credentials of visitors.

We do not share or publicize your identity and details with anyone except in the case of the delivery process. We have to share your basic details like name, postal address, contact number to finish the delivery successfully. Even then we will follow certain safety protocols to ensure privacy.

Makeupmetoo uses the Email address you provided as the primary means of communication. The same will be employed to send information such as order confirmation, updates, security alerts, newsletters and support/official messages.

For easy approachability, customers are provided with a contact form, postal address, Email ID and contact number of the website.

Kindly contact us for more information.