Skin Relief Sun Cushion

  • Skin Relief Sun Cushion

Skin Relief Sun Cushion

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One of the biggest brands Primera brings you Skin Relief Sun Cushion to fight ultraviolet rays of the sun and handle its scorching heat effectively.

Mimicking the sunscreen lotions in an altogether different format, the sun cushion offers you ultimate protection from the sun in the cushion form.

An innovative idea from Primera, it is a dermatologically tested product for daily use. A light creamy formula, they cover pores efficiently while giving a natural look.

Key ingredients such as Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide are excellent sun-blocking ingredients that block UV rays. It also enhances the tone of the skin and gives you a bright, gorgeous looking skin.

The skin relief sun cushion features SPF 33PA++ that corrects your skin tone while offering extra protection against free radicals that attack your skin (thanks to sunflower sprouts and black soybean included in the cushion).

The product comes in a satin-matte finish which offers good glow to your skin when applied. This cushion is available in a compact pack. It comes with a tiny mirror and an applicator for easy touch-up whenever needed.


Protects your skin from harmful rays of the sun

Covers any blemishes and large visible pores

Nourishes your skin and fights free radicals that can cause acne, oily skin

How to use:

You can use it on top of foundation or wear the sunscreen as themselves (i.e. without base foundation).

They work well in both ways and offer you a good layer of protection.

Use it before stepping out into the sun.

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