Baby Sun Cushion - Limited Edition

  • Baby Sun Cushion - Limited Edition

Baby Sun Cushion - Limited Edition

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Check out the limited edition of Baby Sun Cushion from Primera especially designed for baby’s sensitive and soft skin.

Protect your precious ones and their skin with this gentle formula that keeps the harsh rays of the sun away from your child. This sunscreen formula is formulated using powerful ingredients that are natural and have been certified organic and eco-friendly.

Free from harmful substances, this sun cushion is an excellent way to protect your baby’s soft skin before taking him/her out for a stroll under the sun.

Ingredients such as germinated black seed extracts, sunflower sprout extracts, etc. are loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. They fight free radicals and resist causes that trigger acne and pimples on your skin.

It is a lightweight and mild formula that doesn’t need any cleanser and washes off easily with water. This makes it an ideal product for your baby.

Available in a compact-type pack, it comes with a soft sponge for easy application. The product has received excellent reviews from mothers as it offers the best protection for their children naturally.


Contains antioxidants that fight environmental challenges

Prevents sunburn, redness, on your child’s skin

Is a gentle formula that is specifically created for baby’s soft skin

Is an eco-certified product

How to use:

Take the necessary amount and apply on your baby’s skin before taking her/him out to the sun.

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