Trill Beige BB Cream

  • Trill Beige BB Cream

Trill Beige BB Cream

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Trill Beige BB Cream from Milkydress is a wonderful regenerator to achieve a plump, even and softer skin.

Nurture your skin with this BB cream which is a special combination of skin-caring ingredients. It nourishes and conditions your skin, to give a radiant appeal.

This incredibly light-weight cream promises multiple benefits and corrects most of the skin imperfections. The natural plant extracts provide rich nutrients to the skin and nourish it right from the deeper layers. It promotes cellular activities and also enhances the regeneration of damaged cells. It creates a protective coating on the surface layer and prevents the loss of moisture. It also supplies adequate hydration which facilitates the faster absorption of active components.  The sun protection factor SPF35 provides complete protection from the damage caused by sun exposure. It also eradicates the formation of free radicals and effectively lightens the pigmentation spots. It softens the skin and ensures that it remains always firm, young and lively.

This BB cream effortlessly blends with the skin and stays intact without being cakey. It comes in a universal beige shade and adapts easily with all skin tones. It provides seamless coverage, profound moisturization and brightens the overall appearance of the skin.


Magnolia Kobus Bark Extract, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Sprout Extract, Castanea Crenata Shell Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Beeswax.

For optimum skin care:

After cleansing the skin, apply the base makeup. Apply a small amount of the BB cream evenly onto the skin. Pat lightly for proper absorption.

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