Nooni Applemint Lip Oil

  • Nooni Applemint Lip Oil

Nooni Applemint Lip Oil

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Nooni apple mint oil from Meme Box refill with an addition of fresh mint oil. 100% pure natural and rich oil helps lighten lips, moisturises and makes them healthier. It gives strong coverage and intensive colour that nourishes and moisturises lips fast. The content of the vitamins and blend of amazing oil that will make your lips feel special. It confers you smooth and even looking lip skin avoiding dryness and prevent pore clogging. The best quality ingredients and pigments to help to achieve the long-lasting effect. It reaches the deepest skin cells and locks the moisture giving you healthy lips. 


The main feature of the Apple mint oil is it can prevent melanin due to using lipstick usually. The apple mint oil has anti-wrinkle property, it can smooth fine lines and moisture lips. This lip oil has a hydrating effect on the skin for 12 hours after application, provides nourishment and hydration for drying and cracked lips without any negative effect and instant moisturising effect after the application of lip oil. Our Lip oil gives you protection no matter of environment by creating a barrier between you and the product. 


Natural finish

No parabens, no fragrances, no flavour and no polar synthetic esters

Herbal extract oil, irritation free, 

Do not look dry or chapped

Revitalises dry or dull lips and gives moisturising shine

USAGE: Apply the oil, starting at the centre of the upper lips, and moving outward toward one corner. 

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