Nooni Appleberry Lip Oil

  • Nooni Appleberry Lip Oil

Nooni Appleberry Lip Oil

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The Nooni sweet Apple Berry lip oil from Meme Box will contribute with its perfect colour, shine and soft lips. The super moisturising formula provides leaves with your lips soft and supple and gives 12 hours miniaturisation for lips. It has SPF 15 that helps to protect your lips from the harmful rays and the nourishing conditioners leaving lips soft. It is long lasting, waterproof, and natural, wax free and highly pigmented so you get a vibrant colour and can attract the eyes of the crowd. Noon Apple berry lip oil made from Green and Red apple quintessence and the red colour will make sure you gain all the attraction wherever you go.


Introducing an innovative lip oil from Meme Box features exfoliate lips, smoothens and soften lips, long lasting moisturisation and also a subtle colouring to your lips. The delightful shade highlights the natural beauty of the lips and ensures the perfect style for every occasion. Innovative formula with flavour punch that gives long-lasting moisturisation. It enhances the beauty of lips and compliments with the skin tone. The contents of the vitamins never permit lips to dry and also protects from cracking and cold bites. It is perfectly designed for those who need a finishing touch of their appearances. The delightful Apple berry oil and pigments that leave a touch of colour on your lips.


Restore moisture

Suitable for all skin type

SPF 15, pigments and vitamin formula

No harsh chemicals

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