Im Mesh Cushion - Porcelain Peach

  • Im Mesh Cushion - Porcelain Peach

Im Mesh Cushion - Porcelain Peach

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This long-wearing Mesh cushion from Meme Box perfectly matched to the skin and effectively cover the flaw place, repair and brighten the skin. The formula perfectly matched to skin tone and texture that never looks fake and last up to 12 hours. After touch up, it looks luxury beauty makeup and your face look like an actress. It blends effortlessly on to the skin, providing a matte finish and flexible coverage that feels like skin. It is suitable for all skin types and the lightweight quality helps you to carry anywhere wherever you go. It is completely portable, with a transparent sponge applicator right in the compact so you look polished all day long. 


The excellent coverage of mesh cushion creates a long-lasting flawless makeup without darkening just one touch-up. This log wearing cushion reduces the appearance of pores and controls oil and shine. Enriched with Vitamin e and Aloe Vera helps to absorb sweat and also improves natural skin texture with a layer of a flawless complexion. This Korean formula allows the product to melt into your skin while accentuate and chasten the complexion all at the same time. It helps to hide skin pores, absorb oil from the skin and making your skin smooth and glowing.


Moist, waterproof, flawless

For all skin type especially oily skin

USAGE: Press the net with a puff, apply a small amount of content to your face and blend evenly

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