Im Eyeliner - Smoke Black

  • Im Eyeliner - Smoke Black

Im Eyeliner - Smoke Black

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The black shaded eyeliner from Meme Box accentuates the shape of your brows and adds colour and density to give you a hot and sexy look. The perfect finishing touch gives a natural definition of the eyes and it comes with a unique spiral brow grooming brush. The main qualities of this eyeliner are safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens also safe. This colourful eyeliner easy to carry on, soft texture, waterproof and it looks attractive and smart. This eyeliner comes with an intense black shade to provide you with a natural look. It can be used at any time whether you are going to function or going out with friends. 


This smoke black eyeliner is soft and clean texture gives a vivid colour that doesn’t smudge or budge. The smudge tip has been replaced with an elastic eyeliner brush so anyone can do the winged eyeliner like a pro. This elastic eyeliner brush end features built-in sharpener and it is budge-proof and waterproof once set. This dramatic eyeliner with the base of natural formula last 12 hours of waterproof and sweat and humidity-resistant wear. 


Soft as well as thick lines

Never cause irritation

Precise and opaque application

USAGE: Tight line your eyes, line your lash lines and drag out the corners using the eyeliner brush. If used as an eyeshadow apply a thick layer on the lids with a dense point brush or fingers.

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