Im Eyebrow Pencil - Light Brown

  • Im Eyebrow Pencil - Light Brown

Im Eyebrow Pencil - Light Brown

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An elegant, retractable pencil is a colourful eyeliner from Meme Box which performs double service with a chiselled tip and soft texture. This well balanced and smooth portable eyebrow pencil adheres to borrow your hairs, shaping and gently filling in with matte brown colour. This multi-purpose eye shadow or eyeliner is easy to use, waterproof and long-lasting. The angled tip lets you size and shapes them any way you want. This brown colour eyebrow pencil provides a dramatic end look to your face. The excellent persistence, budge-proof wear, pointed tip, perfect coverage and good extension gives HD effect. 


The natural diffused look of this eyebrow pencil especially suitable for tattooing or damaged eyebrow and fixing makeup. The main ingredients of this eyebrow pencil are Aqua (water), soybean oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, polyethene, iron oxides, zinc stearate etc. This automatic eyebrow pencil is very helpful to draw a delicate thin line or in just one line that will completely change your look. Based on the Korean technology it is a perfect eyebrow pencil waterproof and long-lasting a must have product for beautiful and natural looking eyebrows. This pencil is a 5 roll Mill system like blends the pigments with the base by rolling it 5 times repeatedly to ensure natural delivery of colour to the brows.


Angled chiselled tip

Log wearing and smudge resistant

Water and sweat resistant

Budge-proof wear

USAGE: Twist-up pencil with a triangular-shaped edge for precise application

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