Im Eyeliner - Dazzling Brown

  • Im Eyeliner - Dazzling Brown

Im Eyeliner - Dazzling Brown

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The extremely vitalising and moisturising formula of Meme Box's eyeliner offers great accuracy to the line and define the eyes, ensuring an even application. High-intensity coverage enables ease of use with the optimal control to give a jet dazzling brown colour. The extremely soft and creamy gel liner glides on smoothly with rich, mineral oil, paraffin free, and preservative free which helps to reduce the inflammation an irritation. It features wrapped tips with a built-in sharpener while the other end offers an elastic brush to help you perfect those wings. It blends immediately after application.


Get perfect eyes with this dazzling brown eyeliner from Meme Box. It nourishes and maintains natural tone and moisture balance. The peculiarity of this eyeliner has a sponge tipped pen for the creation of fine lines or thick, sultry flicks and smudge-proof formula that enables 12-hour wear. The tip of the liner provides smooth and controlled application every time. Colour is applied with ease and dries without smudging. It is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wear. The accuracy is net and fast track ultra. as it is water-proof you can wear this on a rainy season. The usage of this eyeliner is to draw a line on your eyelids as close as possible to the lash line that is top and bottom. It is easy to apply and creates a bold line with ease.


Opaque colour and sets quickly

100% original product

Eyes look bold and attractive

Smooth and controlled application

High shine finish

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