Prime Primer Classic

  • Prime Primer Classic

Prime Primer Classic

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Banila Co presents you a pure, light and buildable base. Prime Primer Classic gives moisturizing effects that prevent dry skin and softens the skin.  It gives a broad spectrum of protection against UV rays. Leaves a perfect complexion with a healthy shine. Suitable for all skin types especially skin prone to acne, sensitive or oily. A transparent, lightweight moisturizer that adds colour to the complexion can be used as a make-up foundation cream for a natural look provides a healthy glow to the skin with protection against harmful UV rays SPF20 and perfect for all skin types. Moisturizes the skin with a pure colour tone visibly hides imperfections and unifies the tone of the skin. A superior formulation that provides long-lasting moisture provides ample protection against harmful UV rays. Leaves the skin looking naturally soft and silky.

Provide intense moisture to combat dryness mineral electrolytes help revitalize the skin, defends the skin against external aggressors translucent coverage to medium provides a soft finish soft. A tinted moisturizer with broad-spectrum UV protection Offers multi skincare benefits via essential ingredients quench skin with intense moisture to combat dryness. Mineral electrolytes help revitalize skin and antioxidants, defends skin from external stressors. This multi-tasking BB cream works as a skin, protective and primer features a velvety texture that blends well with the skin immediately banish the appearance of pores, discolouration, uneven skin tone, and imperfections. An illuminating, protective and corrective base with an ultra-thin fluid texture that blends perfectly with the skin provides adjustable coverage and protection SPF 20 creates a natural, radiant and imperfect skin and youthful appearance. Perfect for all skin types.  

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