Mung-Moongs Paw Brush

  • Mung-Moongs Paw Brush

Mung-Moongs Paw Brush

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Experience the transforming power of contouring with this professional multipurpose brush. We present the makeup brush designed to make your skin look like skin. The thick brush for makeup foundations is the perfect tool to apply the makeup background. It offers the instant coverage of a flat brush and, in addition, allows to spread the makeup quickly and evenly like a makeup gun. In other words: Full coverage instantly with an evanescent finish. Its unique claw shape gives you the right density, while its more than 100,000 ultra-fine synthetic bristles give us a softer touch and an ideal blur. Use the multi-purpose brush to apply highlighters, blushers or bronzer. Its blend of synthetic and natural bristles takes care of the skin and provides a natural finish for all powdered products. The brush is soft as a feather and is specially designed to apply the powder illuminators in a subtle way and provide a natural finish. In addition, it allows removing excess powder from the face. The fine precision inherent in the brushes used to illuminate the complexion, which gives this tool optimum versatility and accuracy. Slide the beveled end over the cheeks and temples to sculpt the face easily. Their supersoft synthetic bristles, with soft tips in gradient at both ends, have been created with great intelligence so that extremely pigmented powders adhere to them and diffuse without leaving marks. 

How to Use?

If you want to get full coverage, press the brush on the skin, remove the excess by rolling the brush and repeat

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