Liplike Dual Tint - Red Queen

  • Liplike Dual Tint - Red Queen

Liplike Dual Tint - Red Queen

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It has beautiful lips with super pigmented colours thanks to Banila Co. Sensational Bolds Colour, which, thanks to its formula made with honey nectar, manages to moisturize your lips deeply achieving a natural matte finish without drying them out. Makeup like a professional was never so easy. For nude make-up look radiant, it is necessary to follow some indications at the time of its application because although it should not be too obvious, at the same time should give a touch of colour to the skin. This type of lipstick lasts longer and provides a high content of colour pigments. It has the disadvantage of making the lips crack. It is ideal for thick lips. Provide a creamier and glossier finish than matte but are lighter. Because they are creamy they can moisturize the lips. They are relatively new and promising many hours on the lips. The long-lasting pencil, as the name implies, can last between 4 and 8 hours. Order your favorite colours now! Way it has the power to make the lips look bigger and bulkier.

Never fear to show yourself as you are, with all your colours. Make your lips look INTENSIVE with Banila Co matt, glossy lipsticks. Impact with a red tone or surprise on stage with an elegant nude tone. Banila Co has everything you need to create custom looks that last all day and all night.

How To Use:-

Step 1. Apply the lipstick starting at the centre of the upper lip and slide it following the outline of the mouth.

Step 2. Slide the lipstick all over the lower lip.

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