Essence Sun Stick - Moist

  • Essence Sun Stick - Moist

Essence Sun Stick - Moist

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Feel the pleasure of protecting your sensitive skin from the sun every day with Banila Co Sensitive Skin formula. The hypoallergenic formula has been dermatologically tested and offers high SPF 50 sun protection. Special voluptuous sunscreen enriched with herbal extracts rich in vitamin C, which prevents skin problems, detoxifies, cleanses and softens and protect against harmful rays from the sun. The ingredients of botanical origin are natural cleansing agents, effective and silky, that do not scrape the skin. The creamy foam, ideal for normal and dry skins, eliminates all impurities while respecting the natural hydration barrier of the skin. The cleansing and transformable formula that goes from oil to milk to combine efficiency and comfort. A super effective formula that is transformed into milk during rinsing without leaving a greasy film on the skin. Cleans and removes all types of skin issues, even long-lasting, from the face and eyes efficiently and gently. Its gentle formula leaves the skin ultra-flexible and comfortable, without a greasy film. A proven tolerance under dermatological control. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Now with a new ultra formula that provides three benefits in one protects, softens and makes your skin flexible. Also, the special formula combines broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection with exotic tropical ingredients, so you can take care of and conserve your skin while enjoying the sun.


Very resistant to water

Antioxidant humectants.

Light texture, not greasy.

How is it used:

•    Massage the oil on dry skin.

•  With water, it is transformed into milk and leaves the skin soft,    comfortable and without a greasy film.

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