Cleansing Balm Nourishing

  • Cleansing Balm Nourishing

Cleansing Balm Nourishing

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Banila Co ultra-nourishing condition which has a list of ingredients that we could find in a superfood shake! Adapted in the beginning to dry and mature skin, the reality is that it is suitable for everyone.

This is a cocktail of cellular nutrients that combine to cleanse, relieve congestion, restore moisture levels and lighten the light to fill your own brightness. It also helps to avoid environmental aggressions, increase the production of colour and irritation of the skin. 

Cleans removes makeup, takes care of our skin, nourishes it and protects it from environmental damage or harmful bacteria and restores hydration levels. In few uses, you will notice your skin illuminated and healthy.

The texture is luxurious, rich and soft. Its ingredients are so nutritious and efficient that they eliminate any trace of dirt, and its moisturizing properties that have made it possible to use it as a mask or night treatment. The feeling when using it is extremely surprising. It seems like a miracle.

Many women are afraid to use oily balms because they think they are fatty, but in fact, they are good for the skin because they combine with our natural oils. Banila Co is recognized worldwide as one of the make-up removers most effective in the market.

Of the most natural cosmetic market, if you take care of yourself inside, why not on the outside?

How to Use:-

1.    Gently massage dry on face and neck, avoiding the area of the eyes. 

2.    Add a little warm water to form light milk. 

3.    Rinse or remove the product with muslin or natural sponge.

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