Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser

  • Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser

Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser

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The ultra-cleansing foam by Banila Co exfoliates gently, activating the luminosity to leave the skin soft, fresh and luminous, without dehydrating it. Cleans, removes makeup and smooths the skin in a single gesture. Instantly, the skin looks, the texture, the image, all its luminosity unfolds! The formula of this soft and moisturizing cleansing foam is constituted by a soothing plant-based complex that soothes the skin. It also helps preserve moisture without leaving a feeling of tightness or dryness and leaves a pleasant sensation after cleansing. Delicate bubbles and water hydrogenated with minerals are used to remove makeup and impurities effectively without irritating the skin, leaving the complexion feeling fresh and clean. It is soft and does not dry the skin. Easily removes makeup and leaves skin fresh and clean. Perfect for daily use. A cleansing foam enriched with natural plant extracts that gently but effectively removes impurities and makeup while moisturizing the skin. 


•    An oily foam that leaves the skin soft and flexible without dehydrating it.

•    A formula with citrus extracts, rich in AHA that gently exfoliate activating the luminosity of the complexion.

•    A proven tolerance under dermatological control. Applicable for all types of skins, even the most sensitive.

•    A hypoallergenic cleaning foam that uses hydrogenated mineral water to eliminate impurities with the help of fine and dense microbubbles.

How to use:

•    Apply a small portion to the hands.

•    Apply gently on the face and massage.

•    After 5 minutes, wash the skin with fresh water

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